Pastor Karen Farewell Event

Farewell celebration - Saturday April 29 - 5pm.  Karen's last Sunday is April 30th.


Pastor, Karen Cox

Born: Harrisonburg, VA into a non-Mennonite, rarely-church-going family.
Early Church Experience: Found Church of the Brethren through high school boyfriend (now my husband!).
More Recent Church Life: Joined Mennonites 12 years ago – appreciate the values of peace, serving, community, trying to walk in the way of Christ!
Education: BS in Chemistry from Bridgewater College, 1985 (Church of the Brethren College in Virginia). Master of Divinity Degree from Bethany Theological Seminary, 2000 (Church of the Brethren Seminary in Indiana)
Work Experience: Glen's Fair Price Store in Harrisonburg, VA. Movie theaters. College Lab proctor and tutor. Turkey processing plant quality control lab. Merck drug processing plant lab. Computer Software Companies (customer service & training, sales). No-Paycheck-Mom/Volunteer. Pastor (since 2005).
Relevant Volunteer Experience: Lots of local church committees and boards. District and National Church committees and boards. An Interdenominational Board serving needy throughout the county. (I actually enjoy committee and board work, and have training and experience in helping groups develop as working organizations.)
Family: Married since 1984 years to Barry, a wonderful guy! 2 great kids – Mik & Anne.
Some Hobbies: Reading (best recently read book – Desmond Tutu's “No Future Without Forgiveness” - everyone should read it!). Hiking (favorite local trails – Caribou Loop near Herm's house, Diamond Lake). Card playing (Rook, Hearts, Spades – anytime, and I play to win). Travel (love seeing the world).
Dreams for Boulder Mennonite Church: I sure hope we both strive for and live out our Mission statement: BMC is a vibrant, Christ-centered community welcoming all people to know God and to be ambassadors of God’s love, healing and peace...”