Pastors, Susan Ortman Goering and Steve Goering

Susan's life journey began in Central Kansas and she claims to be generations younger that Steve :))!! She attended Bethel College and then graduated from Kansas State University with a major in English. She then earned a Masters in Education from St. Louis University. Susan taught high school English in Wichita for a number of years and then also worked as an office executive in law offices in Minnesota and in Arvada, CO, She then attended the Iliff School of Theology (Denver Methodist Seminary) earning her Master of Divinity degree in 1985.

Since that time, Susan has pastored at the Arvada Mennonite Church (4 years), worked as the GC Mennonite Church Voluntary Service director for Western U.S. and also pastored with spouse Steve at Boulder (15 years), Columbus Mennonite (8 years), and Sojourn Mennonite (2 years).

Steve's life journey began in Central Kansas during the first year of the baby boomers! :)) From those roots, he eventually attended Bethel College (physics, history), then served with the Mennonite Central Committee in Newfoundland, Canada, teaching math and physics in a small outport village as alternative service during Vietnam. He finally came to Colorado to grad school at CU in Chemical Engineering -- his first life vocation. He practiced as a chemical engineer for 15 years, first working for Exxon (before it was called Exxon!). He later worked for electric utilities and did engineering consulting mostly focusing on air and water quality control in utility power plants, and also geothermal energy design.

In mid-life, Steve went back to seminary also at the Iliff School of Theology. and earned an Master of Divinity degree. After a year of advanced clinical work, he pastored together with spouse Susan at Boulder, Columbus Mennonite, and at Sojourn Mennonite, Fort Collins. He also served as Associate Conference Minister for Western District Conference for ~five years from 1997-2002, and during the mid-late 1990s consulted and prepared planning for initiatives to start new WDC congregations in Denver, Dallas-Fort Worth, and in the Kansas City metro areas.

Susan and Steve are now retired from active pastoring, except for short-term interim work, and live in Fort Collins. Susan enjoys sewing/quilting groups, reading novels/ book groups, walking the Camino de Santiago, nurturing grandchildren and traveling with Steve. Steve enjoys reading novels, fishing and hiking, and looking after a new small business. He also enjoys traveling with Susan! Both are involved in justice issues related to immigration and Sanctuary Church.

Susan and Steve have three adult offspring: Daughter Katrina in Tucson, AZ. Son Matthew (and Sadie, Cassidy, and Miles) in Fort Collins, and Daughter Christie (and Ryan, Tobias, and Zeke) in Seattle.

Susan and Steve are choosing to journey with Boulder Mennonite during this "in between' time, such that she might thrive as an inward/outward congregation enjoying a new times of richness, creativity, and faithfulness.