Overview of creation care

  • The new economy must distinguish needs from wants, and require simple living in which consumption is limited.  It must thrive on a feeling of sufficiency rather than unlimited desires.  It must view nature through the lens of stewardship rather than ownership.

    (James & Karen Harder; published in 2000; Johns-Hopkins Press).

  • What does the way of Jesus say about how we relate to the land, the plants and animals, the resources and treasures of Earth?

    Given that "love thy neighbor" refers to more than just the people next door, how about the people a few generations down – your great-grandchildren's generation?

    Boulder Mennonite Church is a member of the Mennonite Creation Care Network; read their newletter from October 2013.
  • The church purchases 100 percent of its energy from wind sources.  We had an energy audit for the building, changed to more efficient lighting throughout the building, and are working to make heating more efficient.
  • Many in the congregation participate in our community garden, and we ponder the social issues of
    • food quality and availability, especially for children
    • sustainability of food production in our country and in the world

We believe that concern for our physical environment is not merely compatible with following Jesus, but in our age, an integral part of living a life that is faithful to Jesus' way.