Roles and Committees

  • The Ministry of Financial Resources Committee is charged with assisting the Treasurer, auditing the accounts, making stewardship presentations and working on other financial projects of the church. Committee membership is by volunteering. Committee meets when it is needed for several hours.
  • The Worship Committee is responsible for designing and developing worship services, liturgies and other practices and trappings of the worship service. This includes finding worship and music leaders and training them. Committee meets for 2 hours a month.
  • The Deacons are a body committed to the social and spiritual health of the congregation. With the Pastor, they undertake special projects, help with complex pastoral care issue and challenges of congregational scope.  Three or four church members are selected by the congregation to participate in the work of the deacons.  The time commitment is about 2 hours monthly plus additional time for projects, contacts with church members.
  • The Pastor-Congregation Relations Committee does the evaluating, guiding and assisting the pastor in the job of spiritual leadership of the congregation. Committee meets periodically for a few hours. May be some work to do outside of meetings. Membership is by volunteering.
  • The Youth Ministry Support Committee is charged with helping the youth pastor in planning, communicating with parents and youth and congregation, and finding help in times of high activity.

  • The Treasurer manages and reports on the treasury of the church including: income, assets, debts, accounts receivable and payable. The Treasurer works with the financial resources committee to prepare and present the church budget to the congregation for approval.   The Treasurer is selected by the church council.
  • The Outward Ministries Committee is charged with allocating our church's budgeted amount for giving to other agencies, and for helping to educate the congregation about these agencies and about service activities and opportunities.

  • The staff is paid to provide services to the congregation that require the attention of a full or part-time employee. These paid staff roles include the Pastor, Youth Minister, and Administrator.

    The Youth Minister is responsible for the activities and functions that enhance the faith experience of youth beyond grade school. This includes trips, youth convention and conference attendance, parties, and other youth organized or requested events. The Youth Minister reports to the Pastor and is a part-time position.

    The Administrator manages the church office. This person is responsible for communication with the congregation, accepting calls and mail from the community as well as receiving those that call in person during office hours. Assisting the pastor in managing a variety of communication and documentation tasks is also part of this job.  The same person manages the building; notifying trustees about needed repairs, managing room rentals by interviewing potential users of the building, arranging janitorial and other regular services.
  • The Mennonite Voluntary Service Support Committee is responsible for coordinating the housing, service contracts and congregational relations for the MVSers who live in our community. They also act as mentors for these volunteers who are choosing to share up to three years of their lives to serve our community. 
  • The Trustees are a body committed to the workability of the church facilities. They undertake special projects, manage contractors and service providers to make a space appropriate for worship, Christian education, and as working space for small groups, staff and committees.  Three or more church members are selected by the congregation to participate in the work of the trustees.

  • Christian Education Committee plans and coordinates the adult, youth and children's Sunday School program. They are responsible for choosing curriculum materials for youth and children's Sunday School. This committee has also taken on the responsibility for the safe church program which develops procedures and practices that make exploitation, harassment and/or abuse of vulnerable members of the church community unlikely.

The church is eager to have you participate!